Core components of governance

  • Improving the core components of governance has many potential benefits, including:

    Short and long-term benefits of governance:

    • Achievement of the 5Cs: Person-centered governance models promote the core principles of PHC and are necessary to ensure the delivery of high-quality care in practice
    • Equitable, effective service provision: Transparent, accountable governance models promote the development of strategies and plans that emphasize quality, effective service provision, and equity
    • Effective population health management: Multi-sectoral approaches, especially those that involve local communities, help to ensure that policies and plans with local needs, ultimately supporting  more effective population health management at the point of care
    • Service availability and readiness: Strong governance equips providers and care teams with the policies and infrastructure to provide needed services to the communities they serve
    • Resilient health systems: Good governance is considered a core component of resilient health systems, and while governments are the primary drivers of governance, non-state actors – from practitioners to civil society – are critical in making sure that health systems achieve goals of improved health status, improved health system responsiveness to people’s expectations

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