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OPEN LETTER: 239 organizations in 65 countries urge action on primary health care as a 3-for-1 investment in Health for All

Update as of March 2023: Six months after the Allies' Open Letter was launched at UNGA 77, the final count is in: a total of 239 organizations and 157 individuals across 65 countries signed the letter to urge action on primary health care as a 3-for-1 investment in universal health coverage (UHC), health security, and better health and well-being overall. This campaign has gained momentum leading into major 2023 health negotiations, including the three health-related High-Level Meetings (UHC, pandemic preparedness, tuberculosis) and the SDG Summit in September. To help make this time different and keep momentum going strong, make sure to read, download, and share this call to action at

Original article text published on 20 October 2022:

Following the launch of the Allies Improving PHC’s Open Letter during UNGA 77, more than 150 organizations from 50+ countries have signed on so far to urge leaders to prioritize primary health care as a 3-for-1 investment in universal health coverage, health security and better health and well-being. Full text can be found here. 

The Allies will be collecting as many signatures as possible through 12 December, Universal Health Coverage Day, when the letter will be delivered to key leaders and decisionmakers in the lead up to the two 2023 High-Level Meetings on UHC and pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response, respectively; as well as the midpoint of the Sustainable Development Goals. Every signature counts.

We also encourage all signatories and PHC champions to help spread the word using this new toolkit, with content in English, French, and Spanish.

Join us to help make this time different: