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UNICEF joins PHCPI as a core partner

We are excited to welcome UNICEF as a new PHCPI core partner!  

PHCPI seeks to transform the global state of PHC, creating a world where strong PHC is the reality, not the exception, and leads to improved health for every person, family and community. UNICEF will play an important role in ensuring that national systems are strong and resilient enough to provide sustainable quality services to those who need them—particularly children. UNICEF supports national authorities to strengthen Primary Health Care for achieving Universal Health Coverage, and co-chairs the Primary Health Care “Accelerator” of the SDG GAP with the World Health Organization.   

With a country presence in over 125 countries from among LMICs, UNICEF’s support at country level includes:  

a) improving the governance and management of health services through promoting political engagement, policy development and implementation, health sector management and oversight and locally designed cross-sectoral approaches to health and well-being through strengthening Primary Health Care, at national and sub-national levels and 

 b)  strengthening health information and data systems, including digital systems for the collection and use of data to boost accountability and trust in health services, and improve health literacy. 

Strong primary health care can reduce up to 77% of preventable deaths of mothers and children, and UNICEF’s partnership will help ensure that data and measurement are increasingly used to unlock PHC’s full potential. UNICEF joins founding partners at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, World Health Organization, Ariadne Labs, and Results for Development.