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PHCPI Congratulates 13 PHC Advocacy Micro-Grant Awardees

At this critical moment for health systems everywhere, the PHCPI Secretariat is thrilled to award micro-grants to 13 organizations who are leading critical work to drive greater action, investment, accountability and improvement for strong primary health care in 2022. 

*UPDATE (as of March 2023): The PHCPI Secretariat would like to congratulate and thank all micro-grantees for their incredible work and achievements during this grant period. For a recap of highlights from the below projects, as presented during PHCPI's final advocacy webinar on 9 March 2023, please click here or repost this thread from @ImprovingPHC. Full text of original announcement is below.* 

Congratulations to all PHC Advocacy Micro-Grant Awardees!

These 13 organizations were selected for PHC advocacy micro-grants out of more than 200+ impressive applications, and are leading a wide range of activities to drive progress in their communities, countries, regions and globally – from advocating for more and better PHC financing, to shaping campaigns and policies for high-quality, rights-based care, to ensuring that underrepresented communities are meaningfully engaged in decisions.

Ultimately, primary health care gets its power from being the level of the health system that is closest to the people -- and therefore best positioned to understand and respond to communities' unique needs. The same can be said for the frontlines of PHC advocacy: it is the local champions, experts, practitioners, and community leaders who can best pinpoint urgent gaps and opportunities in their context, and make the strongest case for the actions and investments needed to ensure PHC leaves no one behind. We are so excited to see what the rest of 2022 brings. 

Join us in congratulating all awardees and learn more about their planned activities below. 

  • The African Forum for Primary Health Care (AfroPHC) brings together diverse frontline PHC workforce stakeholders to advocate, share resources and support each other in building the PHC team for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Africa. AfroPHC will use this grant to refine, launch and adopt the AfroPHC Policy Framework on Building Effective PHC Teams for UHC in Africa, in order to empower frontline, multidisciplinary PHC teams to deliver practical, cost-effective and high-quality PHC to defined and empaneled populations. 
  • The Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights (ARHR) is a women, children and adolescents' health advocacy group. ARHR advocates for health systems strengthening and financing for equitable access to quality health care for all. With the support of this micro-grant, ARHR will campaign for increased domestic funding for primary health care within Ghana’s 2023 National Budget, as a key foundation for UHC and health security. 
  • The Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) is a network of civic and community-based organizations who aim to collectively enhance community participation in health in Zimbabwe. CWGH will use their micro-grant to build consensus and commitment among Zimbabwe’s key decision-makers to revitalize and strengthen PHC country-wide as the foundation for achieving UHC and the SDGs by 2030.
  • The Primary Health Care Research Consortium (PHCRC), hosted by the George Institute for Global Health, is a leading independent medical research institute that focuses on policy research to support country and global efforts to build high-quality, comprehensive PHC systems. The George Institute/PHCRC will use their micro-grant to foster PHC knowledge exchange and advocacy – focusing on PHC workforce, chronic disease management, public health integration, and performance management – through a series of webinars, a media campaign, and a high-level policy event in India.
  • The International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations - Patients for Patient Safety Observatory (IAPO P4PS Observatory), established by IAPO, is a global platform for gathering and analyzing patients’ expertise and experiences to inform national, regional and global policies aimed at improving outcomes and quality of care for patients. This micro-grant will help IAPO Patients for Patient Safety Observatory capture patient and provider voices and perspectives to advocate for policies that drive stronger and better supported PHC, including through IAPO's Global and Regional (LatAm, Asia-Pacific) Patient Congresses. 
  • Inuka Success Organization is a youth-led and driven organization working in western Kenya to educate, empower, develop and sustain youths and young women. Inuka Success Organization will use the micro-grant to host a PHC Summit in Kenya's First Lake Region Economic Bloc to evaluate the implementation of global commitments to PHC at the county level and support the development of strategies to improve PHC in 14 counties in Kenya. 
  • Khmer HIV/AIDS NGO Alliance (KHANA) provides integrated HIV prevention, care and support services at the community level in Cambodia. KHANA will use this micro-grant to develop and implement a community scorecard tool to make primary health care more responsive to the needs of key vulnerable and marginalized groups, and strengthen engagement of national and sub-national programs for HIV, TB, Sexual Reproductive Health, Health Education, COVID-19, and NCDs through a national dialogue and joint PHC statement. 
  • People’s Health Movement (PHM) Tanzania is a coalition of local NGOs working to address health and human rights issues in mainland Tanzania. With this micro-grant, PHM Tanzania will advocate for greater investment in the community health workforce building on findings of Tanzania’s PHC Vital Signs Profile, and create living scorecards to track progress and financing for community health, primary health care and UHC ahead of the 2023 High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage. 
  • Stage Media Arts CBO is a grassroots, youth-led organization in Bungoma County, Kenya. Stage Media Arts will use the micro-grant to support and encourage evidence-based decision-making during the development of Bungoma County’s annual work plans, leveraging the Bungoma County Vital Signs Profile and focusing on increasing the budget allocation for PHC. 
  • Stawisha Dada (STADA Kenya) is a feminists’ rights organization based in Kisumu County, Kenya. STADA Kenya will use this micro-grant to formulate a policy framework for primary health care implementation in Kisumu County, with a focus on integrating sexual and reproductive health services into strong primary health care. 
  • Success Capital is an African, LGBTIQ+ youth led managed & serving feminist organization that links grassroots experiences to global and regional policies. With this micro-grant, Success Capital seeks to increase diverse and equitable youth action on improving PHC policy, financing and community inclusion in Botswana and Southern Africa by strengthening youth-led PHC movements and partnerships across the sub-region. 
  • TINADA Youth Organization (TiYO) is a Youth-led Community-Based Organization working in Western Kenya Region focusing on issues ranging from integrated Mental Health, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Early Child Development, Disability Inclusion, Disaster Risk Reduction and Youth Empowerment. TiYO will use this micro-grant to organize a youth-led and evidence-based campaign for high-quality primary health care in Homabay County, Kenya. 
  • White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) Malawi is a national network of health and rights advocates focusing on inclusive participation and partnership with women, men, families, and communities. With this micro-grant, WRA Malawi will strengthen the capacity of 30 national and district-based CSOs to advocate for increased PHC financing and investment, as well as raise media awareness around the  importance of PHC to achieving UHC in Malawi. 

*UPDATE (as of March 2023): The PHCPI Secretariat would like to congratulate and thank all micro-grantees for their incredible work and achievements during this grant period. For a recap of highlights from the below projects, as presented during PHCPI's final advocacy webinar on 9 March 2023, please click here or repost this thread from @ImprovingPHC.